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What sort of coaching do you do?

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I’m often asked, “What exactly is it that you do?” By this, I assume people are wondering what it is I can help them with. This is an easy question to answer because it’s about what I want for my clients. How I want you to feel. What I want for my clients is the […]

What is Transformational Coaching?

I work at a transformational level rather than a transactional level to achieve change. To illustrate the difference, let me explain what I don’t do. Transactional or surface level coaching focuses on a specific problem and how to overcome it. For example, if someone has problems with being assertive during meetings, a transactional form of […]

Procrastination – can it be telling us something useful?

Originally, when I thought I’d like to write about procrastination, it was going to be a piece with tips on how to recognise and overcome procrastinating behaviours. I reflected on when I procrastinate and what I know about other people’s procrastinating behaviours. And sure, many of us often do other things that are less important, […]

Proud to be Perfectionist?

A long time ago, when I was involved in recruitment, I remember someone saying to me, “When I’m asked about my weaknesses, I say I’m a bit of a perfectionist”. Deep down, they saw perfectionism as a quality rather than a weakness. In a way this is not surprising, is it? Generally, we live and […]

Nine nudges to living more meaningfully

Nine nudges to living more meaningfully

In my previous article, I drew on three characters from literature to explore what messages they convey about living a meaningful life. I suggested that maybe our aim should be to live today the best we can, as meaningfully as we can, and not get too obsessed with long-term meaning, goals and objectives. In this […]

Do you worry about the meaning of your life?

Nine nudges to living more meaningfully

Are you conscious of time marching on, feel pressure to ‘do something’ yet don’t know what you want? Do you wonder how you can find your passion? Question what you really value? Feel uncertain about your purpose and what you want to achieve in life? One of the most regular questions that my clients want […]

Last night I dreamt of pink graffiti

Last night I dreamt of pink graffiti

It was fluorescent pink outlined in red, short, plump pink lettering, and for some reason all over the inside of a school. All round the hall, classrooms and even some wooden picket fencing outside. I’m not really someone who has ever placed any great significance on the meaning of dreams, seeing it as a field […]