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My clients and their parents have sent these testimonials voluntarily, and I am greatly appreciative of their feedback and support.

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"I am so grateful to Mary for her professional support of our daughter, who was looking for a career direction and unsure what to do. Mary identified our daughter’s important skills, values and talents, including some we had not been aware of before. She coached and encouraged her to choose between options that could fit, motivating her to keep working on it until she found the right thing. Our daughter is now applying for uni courses, something she had not considered before, in an area that is a good fit to her interests and abilities. We could not be more delighted. Mary’s holistic approach to career coaching helped to uncover and address the lack of balance in my life. She has encouraged a shift of mind-set that has proved invaluable and transformative. I am now empowered to make bold choices that work for me and push my career to the next level; suddenly, anything is possible and I am already working towards my next business venture. I feel genuinely privileged to have worked with Mary and look forward to my continued work with her."
Ingrid Manning
"Mary encouraged me to not settle for the easy path and to strive for a career that would truly bring me joy and purpose."
"This quote is truly from the heart, as your career guidance was so insightful in so many ways. Not only did you help me understand myself and how my brain works; you encouraged me to trust those new found strengths and to strive for a brighter future. I cannot thank you enough!”
Daughter of Ingrid Manning
"Mary was able to explain my results very well and it was easy to understand. She also listened to what I had to say and had an understanding of my thought process and what i was interested in as well as how my qualities could be suited for certain jobs. The report I got made sense considering what was discussed and overall I was very pleased with the process."
"Coaching with Mary is a life changing experience. When I first met with Mary, I was experiencing an overall lack of fulfilment and energy with an overwhelming inability to make the necessary changes to my career and life. I was trapped by the pre-programmed notions of work ethic, success and failure. Mary inspires trust and confidence almost immediately; she is incredibly sharp and has the analytical ability to scratch well below the surface and address the issues that are really at play. This is balanced with empathy and integrity in the way that she works Mary’s holistic approach to career coaching helped to uncover and address the lack of balance in my life. She has encouraged a shift of mind-set that has proved invaluable and transformative. I am now empowered to make bold choices that work for me and push my career to the next level; suddenly, anything is possible and I am already working towards my next business venture. I feel genuinely privileged to have worked with Mary and look forward to my continued work with her."
Partner at Law Firm
"Mary was really friendly, attentive, and understanding, and I found the session with her quite therapeutic. Her interpretation of the test results and character profile of me was pretty spot on and helpful in helping me to understand myself better. She also came up with a few career options I hadn't considered. Overall I was extremely satisfied with Mary and the report she wrote."
Mike S., Engineer
"Mary was exactly what I've been looking for. Her insights and reflections are so valuable to me and I have found myself referring to them frequently. Thanks to her, I am able to handle challenging situations in an effective and intelligent way. With patience and calmness she guided me towards eye-opening results. She listened carefully and understood my struggles, providing the perfect space for my breakthroughs in clarity. I definitely feel more confident about my life and my career direction."
Joana L., Retail Manager
"Working with Mary helped me to see the world differently. I can see other people's point of view more as I listen without putting my own focus on their words. This means that it is easier to get to arrangements that work for both parties and helps to build trust. I do believe there has been real change as I had my best ever appraisal when it was said that, ‘I am a joy to work with’ and that ‘I had matured over the last year and had a very positive influence on the team’... so thank you."
Director from Deloitte
"Mary thank you so much for the amazingly detailed and thoughtful report you wrote for me. It has exceeded my expectations more than you can imagine and I look to the future with renewed hope!"
M.A., French graduate and English as a foreign language teacher
"I cannot recommend Mary enough. Mary came recommended through an old boss and has transformed elements of my life in 10 sessions. I'm not sure exactly how she managed it. It's like she whispered encouragement and support to me without me really listening but it seeped in and worked. Remarkable."
Tax Director of major food retailer
"It is good to have a scientific approach to analysing strengths and weaknesses, personality traits, likes and dislikes, and how these can be applied to thinking about a future career. It was all useful - the in-depth tests, the meeting with Mary, and having the written report to read through afterwards - I'm sure this will be referred to a lot in the future as there is much to digest!"
Max H., Year 11 student
"Mary was friendly, helpful and gave me reasonable and suitable ideas. I was very satisfied with the report. It gave many suggestions and helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses a bit more".
Will B., A level student. His brother came two years later
"It was very useful to have an outside observer advise me on reaching my goals and more helpful than anecdotal advice from friends and family. I was extremely satisfied with Mary who was very kind and fantastic at listening to me as well as explaining the test results and offering her opinion on my situation. The report she provided was very helpful to me and was also something I could give to my parents so that they have a better idea on how they can help me in my career. The reading recommendations were also very useful too."
Rachel E., Fashion designer
"I certainly benefited from my sessions with Mary. I found her to be highly professional in her approach, and I always felt I could trust her. Much of what we discussed genuinely resonated with me and I often reflect on our discussions - I do feel I understood something new about myself. Mary was not afraid to challenge me - but in a positive way - in order to get to the heart of the issues we were discussing."
Director from a professional accountancy services practice
"I met with Mary at a time when I was quite unhappy in my present job and confused about how to best move forward. Although there were certain things that I was sure about there were a lot of other aspects that I had far less clarity about. Mary took the time to really listen to me - my motivations, skills/abilities, past influences, lifestyle, long-term desires and other things that I myself had not actually considered before, which, looking back now, were relevant and perhaps lay dormant. Through this process, Mary challenged me to focus on what it was that I really wanted from my career (and how to prioritise these desires when seeking a new role). She also introduced me to other potential careers and offered practical advice on how best to go about this and by the end of the session, I was able to view my career with fresh eyes, greater peace and experienced renewed conviction. Mary also pointed out aspects that worked well in my current position and this really helped me to stop feeling 'stuck and trapped' in my job. I am now in the process of making applications to opportunities that I'm genuinely excited about and my consultation was instrumental in this! Thanks Mary! "
Georgia, Education Professional, Came on the recommendation of another client.
"Mary is a dedicated professional who brings all her experience into her work. From our initial contact with Mary, she ensured we understood the process, her role in it and encouraged us to contact her again with further questions before we decided to go ahead. Mary was careful to take my son's personality and requirements into consideration as she worked with the tests and when she came to consult on her conclusions. Mary ensured that my son understood that the information was confidential and that he was comfortable sharing this with his parents. Mary very much encouraged my son to contact her following the exercise in order to clarify and question further. My view is that Mary is very perceptive, is very experienced in her field and has a passion for the work she undertakes."
Sue. M., Parent. A relation was recommended and attended a couple of months later.
"I found Mary very easy to talk to and she made me feel very relaxed after quite an intense morning. I felt like Mary fully understood where I was coming from. She also made it clear that she was going to give me pointers and put me in touch with people to help me and this made me feel particularly positive. The report I received gave clear and concise points as to what steps I should be taking to make my next career move. I felt that all the results from my tests were very well explained and helped me to understand why certain things were being suggested."
Sara P., drama graduate
"It was a very valuable consultation and has given me many insights. I feel I know the route to take to end up in a satisfying career."
Greg P., Maths graduate, came on recommendation and recommended other clients.
"Some of the suggestions were things I had already thought of but Mary had new ideas too and tried to wrestle with my myriad of issues. It's been great for me to have a really sound baseline of ideas for me to consider what I do next. The discussion with Mary and the efforts she took to try and understand my circumstances and her moral support for my current career and employment difficulties, were particularly useful".
S.H., Ergonomics and accident investigation specialist
"I wanted to show my appreciation to you for helping guide my son to his chosen career. He came to you in 2016 having been expelled from school and with no confidence or idea where his strengths lay. After seeing you, there was an obvious change in our son who became motivated and focused, registered on a course, and is now at university studying a vocational degree."
S.H., Parent
"Thank you very much for all your help and support. It has been a very interesting and insightful experience."
S.H., Ergonomics and accident investigation specialist
" Mary has made an enormous difference to my daughter's life and I just want to thank her".
Max H., Year 11 student
"As a parent, I have really valued the advice and support that Mary has provided for my children. It has been re-assuring to have independent professional advice on their aptitudes and areas to focus on. Mary has also taken great care to factor in their personal preferences and character traits when making recommendations for future careers. It is Mary's personalised service and empathy for her clients as individuals that has made a real difference for us."
Laura H., Parent
"With deep compassion, insight and holding, Mary supports her clients with her practical and accessible wisdom. The care she demonstrates for the fortunate people she works with is outstanding and heartfelt."
Lizzie P.
"Thank you for your help and inspiring advice".
Ruth R., Environmental Manager. Her son was also a client.