Change your life and career

Personal Development Coaching

I promise a safe and quiet space in which you can relax, offload your worries, concerns, doubts and fears.

When you seek coaching it’s because something isn’t sitting right. You’re anxious or unsettled. You have a head full of conflicting (often critical) thoughts that prevent you from working out what you want. Or you’re facing a particular challenge – redundancy, retirement, work/life balance, or stress – which leaves you feeling undervalued and unappreciated. We can fix that.

You can bring up anything you need to in our sessions. I am not a coach that sets boundaries around what you talk about or explore. My training and experience allow me to respond professionally to whatever you bring, and if I can’t, I will tell you.

Mary Andrews Development

The patterns of behaviour holding you back

We’ll work to understand how you see yourself, how others see you and really explore the story that you tell about yourself and your life. By exploring how you perceive your world we can distinguish which patterns of behaviour are no longer serving you.

Your new story. One with more exciting possibilities

We’ll identify your values, qualities and strengths and construct a new story which creates different and more exciting possibilities.

Giving you the confidence to move forward

I’ll work with you to develop the skills you’ll need to make changes – often small incremental steps – that will put you in control of your life and career. You’ll develop lasting competencies and capabilities that will help you move forward in work and in life to find greater fulfilment, purpose and wellbeing.

Working at a deeper level to achieve lasting change

Lasting change is not a quick fix. You’re a unique and complex human being so I listen and respond to you, working with you holistically.

You’ll gain a greater understanding and awareness of how you can make different decisions and implement change.

Our relationship is also unique so there’s no set process, formula or model. Instead, I draw on my background and extensive experience in applied psychological approaches to personal change and transformation.

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