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Career Coach Surrey

With the help of a career coach in Surrey, you can get your career on track and find fulfilment in what you do.

Many people will experience problems at work during their careers, but fortunately, career consultants are here to help you tackle your career crisis. Career problems can arise at any stage. Some clients struggle with their careers before they have begun, trying to decide what they want to do and how to do so. Other people experience disillusionment with their day-jobs many years into a career. My career coaching is here to assist you wherever you find yourself in your career and with whatever problems you are experiencing. With my professional career coach services in Surrey, we will work together to uncover your skills and ambitions and give you the confidence to achieve your goals.

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Who I work with

My clients cite a range of reasons for needing my career coaching expertise. No two clients are the same, but many experience similar problems and worries. I have experience working with hundreds of clients with wide-ranging circumstances and challenges.

Some career coaching clients:

  • Are in school, college or university and need help deciding on their next steps

  • Are in their early 20s and unsure what career is right for them and how to go about getting work

  • Are further along in their career but not happy with their current employment and not sure what to do about it

My clients often fall into one of these categories, but I am always happy to help anyone experiencing career challenges. I take great pride and satisfaction in helping those in need and giving my clients a renewed sense of direction for their career.

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How you can benefit from career coaching in Surrey

As a career coach, I will help you confront the problems and doubts you are experiencing in your career. We will work together to determine your skills, values and goals. With these factors in mind, we will develop and implement a plan of action to help you move forward and succeed in your career. With my help, we will identify your strengths and qualities as well as your motivations and interests. This insight is integral to ensuring career satisfaction and success. I recognise that each client is different, so I don’t use a prescribed or restricted formula as a one-size fits all approach won’t work. Instead, by working closely with my clients, I will develop an understanding of you and what makes you tick. I am also qualified to use psychometric tools and assessments to assist in this and utilise them where I believe it will be of benefit to your progress. With my experience as a professional career coach in Surrey, I will elevate your understanding of yourself and your goals and help you to reach your potential.

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Why choose me for your Surrey career coach

  • I have a broad range of workplace experience which is helpful for empathising with and understanding my clients when advising them
  • I have extensive experience as a career consultant in Surrey having worked with hundreds of clients from a range of backgrounds and with equally wide-ranging challenges
  • I love working as a career coach and helping others transform their lives. With this in mind, you can rest assured I will be dedicated to your success
  • I have extensive academic and professional qualifications and accreditations so you will be well supported with my expert knowledge and experience
  • I have numerous voluntary testimonials from my clients which showcase how I have helped people with their career change and progress

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Surrey Career Coaching Clients

Career coach in Surrey analysed brother and sister providing advice on their career interests and motivations, strengths and personality preferences to give career coaching, advice and direction.

"As a parent, I have really valued the advice and support that Mary has provided for my children. It has been re-assuring to have independent professional advice on their aptitudes and areas to focus on. Mary has also taken great care to factor in their personal preferences and character traits when making recommendations for future careers. It is Mary's personalised career coaching service and empathy for her clients as individuals that has made a real difference for us."

Twenty-something maths graduate from Surrey sought career guidance, coaching and advice as he wanted more from his career than to pay the bills. Career coaching helped him to identify what his career goals were and gave him the confidence to act on them. He is now happy in his career.

"It was a very valuable consultation and has given me many insights. I feel I know the route to take to end up in a satisfying career."

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