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Career Coach London


Career Coach London

Sometimes our careers can cause challenges that may seem difficult to overcome, but with the help of a London career coach, we can get you back on track.

With so much time spent at work, it’s so important to be happy in what we do. Careers can be complicated, and many spend years understanding what they want to do and how to get there. Fortunately, my career coaching can offer specialist guidance to support those in need. Wherever you find yourself in your career, my London career guidance is here to help you overcome your career challenges, realise your potential and meet your goals. If you are looking for a career Consult  coach in London, I am here to support you with my specialist career services.

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Coaching London clients to find their career direction

 I have offered my specialist career coaching and guidance to hundreds of clients from a range of backgrounds. Each client is unique and brings with them their own circumstances and challenges. I take great pride in being able to offer my expert career consultant services to all those in need.

My clients are often

  • In their last school or college years and unsure what to do next, whether this be in terms of A Levels, universities, apprenticeships or work life
  • In their early 20s and undecided about whether they’re in a career that’s right for them or not sure where to begin
  • Further along in their career and having doubts about their current employment, considering a career change or thinking about how to move forward in their career

With this in mind, whatever your career circumstances,
I have the experience and expertise to ensure that together, we can get you out of a rut

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How a career consultant can help you

A career consultant is here to assist you when you feel like you have reached a dead-end in your career. Often clients feel lost and unsure before their career has begun, others experience the same problems years into a career. With my specialist careers services, we can address the career problems you are experiencing. We will work together to determine your strengths and qualities and your interests and motivations. As you will see if you work with me, it is amazing what this insight can do. By helping you to reach a greater understanding of yourself and your goals alongside my professional career advice, you will soon have a renewed sense of direction.

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Career Consultancy - Assistance
Career Coaching - Guidance

My approach to career coaching

I have career coached many clients in London.

Rather than telling you exactly what you need to do and giving you direct action, we will work together to give you the power to make the realisations and changes to find fulfilment in your career. I recognise that every client is unique and has their own personal circumstances and needs that bring them to my services. With this in mind, I do not use a prescribed or restricted formula, but instead consider what support is best for you as an individual.

Often with my clients it has proven beneficial to use specialist assessments which are designed to elicit specific information related to career choice. I am qualified to use these psychometric tools and assessments and when working one-to-one with my clients I can determine whether or not this might be helpful to your progress.

London Career Coaching Clients

As a career coach in London I helped a lost young man find career direction and purpose.

"I wanted to show my appreciation to you for helping guide my son to his chosen career. He came to you in 2016 having been expelled from school and with no confidence or idea where his strengths lay. After career coaching with you in London, there was an obvious change in our son who became motivated and focused, registered on a course, and is now at university studying a vocational degree."

I worked with a mid-career software engineer who having had a long and successful career suddenly found himself redundant. A string of short-term contracts, the last one ending abruptly, further eroded his confidence. Career coaching in London identified his career interests, motivations and aspirations and also his strengths and from this we were able to help him identify his career direction and goals.

"Mary was really friendly, attentive, and understanding, and I found career coaching with her quite therapeutic. Her interpretation of the test results and character profile of me was pretty spot on and helpful in helping me to understand myself better. She also came up with a few career options I hadn't considered. I was extremely satisfied with Mary’s career advice and the report that followed."

Let’s work together on your career

If you’re looking for a specialist career coach in London, get in touch to hear more on how my services can help you