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Transform your life and career

Personal transformation and development coaching

Is this you?

Do you fear that you don’t really know what you’re doing at work, that someone will guess just how inadequate you are?

Is your head full of relentless noise and criticism?

Are you desperate for promotion yet forever being ignored?

Perhaps you struggle to be all things to all people and can’t say ‘no’?

Maybe you’re someone who’s always known what you wanted and now suddenly you feel completely lost?

Are your perfectionist standards crippling you?

Are you out of control and desperate to get control back?


Let me serve as a catalyst for change and transformation in you.

Can't see the wood for the trees?


Transform your life, take control and feel more purposeful, satisfied and fulfilled.

My promise

I promise to provide a safe and quiet space in which you can relax and offload all your worries, concerns, doubts and fears.

My aim is to give you confidence and belief that you can overcome whatever it is that you face. Please come along knowing that you can bring up anything you need to. I am not a coach that sets boundaries around what you talk about or explore. My training and experience mean that I can respond professionally to whatever you bring, and if I can’t, I will tell you.

"If you're dedicated to your own development and learning, you'll find a strong guide and fellow traveller in Mary."

Janeena S.

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How my coaching will help

My coaching is not about completing quizzes or filling in fancy charts. We are not problem solving here, finding short-term fixes to your issues. We will work at a deeper level to achieve lasting change.

I will work with you, a rounded and unique human being. I will listen and respond to you as an individual and will not follow a set or prescribed process or be restricted by any particular formula, model or approach to coaching. Drawing on my background and extensive experience in applied psychological approaches to personal change and transformation, I will work with you holistically to support you in gaining greater understanding, developing awareness, making decisions and implementing changes. Inevitably, the more you put in, the more you will get out.

We will work to:

Change your underlying way of being and seeing things to enable you to make new and enduring changes to the way you approach and think about your life and the issues that you face;

Help you develop lasting competencies and capabilities that are helpful to you without on-going dependence on me or the coaching process;

Improve overall performance both at work and in life;

Ensure greater feelings of fulfilment, purpose and well-being in life in general.


Is it time for a new dawn
- a new day?

Please don’t hesitate

Supporting you to address issues such as those described above is what I am here for and exactly what I have done for countless other satisfied clients. Let me help you!

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Message me to arrange a free, no-commitment conversation to tell me a little about your situation and discuss how I can help you transform your approach to life enabling you to take control, feel more contented, satisfied and fulfilled.

Let me be your shoulder to cry on and then the person who helps you pick up the pieces.