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Transform your life and career

Career advice and direction

Is this you?

Lost or in a rut? Overwhelmed by career options?

Going through a major life change such as redundancy, divorce, new baby….?

No clue of what you would be good at? Uninspired by everything?

Want to set up on your own but not sure? Can’t decide between two offers?

A parent concerned about your son or daughter’s future career?

Are you looking for…

  • Some practical direction
  • Clear understanding of your strengths and qualities
  • To recognise your career needs
  • Clarity on what will motivate you to get out of bed each day
  • To identify what really interests and engages you
  • Professional, objective and systematic career advice


My tried and tested formula could be exactly what you need.

How it works

  • You fill in a background questionnaire on your career and personal history
  • Complete several established, reputable and reliable psychometric assessments Online covering interests, values, personality and motivations
  • Undergo a range of aptitude tests including ability to solve abstract problems, verbal, numerical and perceptual reasoning, spatial and mechanical ability, clerical speed and accuracy in the comfort of my consulting room near Croydon
  • This culminates in a very important face-to-face consultation with me where we discuss your personal situation and needs, feedback the results of all the assessments and understand the implications for your career. This is not timed and takes as long as necessary.


"Mary was exactly what I've been looking for. Her insights and reflections are so valuable to me...I definitely feel more confident about my life and my career direction"

Joanna L., Retail Manager

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Career Analysis

Sample Aptitude Profile

Sample Personality Profile


By the end of my process you will have:

  • Detailed information on your personality, aptitudes, values, motivations and interests 
  • A clear understanding of what careers would suit you and why
  • A personal and bespoke ten page detailed report written especially for you; capturing everything that we have discussed.


Is it time you took a chance
to achieve change?

Nothing is standard or computer generated, and I will be here to support and encourage you as you move forward.

You will leave behind overwhelm and uncertainty and feel a greater sense of intention and purpose.

READ About Me

Please don’t sit around and worry about your future any more. Message me to arrange a free, no-commitment conversation to tell me everything about your situation and discuss how I can help you find career direction.

I am proud to say, that as far as I’m aware, not a single client has ever regretted allowing me to help them.